Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike and I finished picking out the songs and hymns for the wedding.

Had our 4th Annual Jon Boat float trip. Weather was perfect for it! I applied sunscreen every second I got, but I still got a little burnt. Hopefully I don't peel so I don't look funny for the wedding. That evening Randy BBQ pork burgers in our shed and had everyone over from the float trip. Little Laci must have liked my roasting arm since she fell right to sleep on me and didn't finish her bottle. lol Hard to believe she is younger than my cousin Parker since she is a lot bigger.

Headed to Rolla for my last shower, 'stock the pantry'. I shouldn't have to worry about canned/box goods and cleaning supplies for awhile. Will help us out a lot! My cake was a Tide box, fit the theme and not to mention my so called hobby of laundry. :) Came home and unloaded the car. Mike was working the turkey farm to help Jr. out since the well went out. Had to get 600 lbs of water to them, quite the job. Got the majority of the items put away. Watched Big Brother and called it a night.

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