Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...Plan to buckle myself down this weekend and get everything for the wedding I can get done finished. Really there isn't too much more to do.

...Got our koozies over the weekend. I went ahead and gave dad and Chad one sent they were there when I opened them. Turkeys are using them already!!! lol

...So far my friends little girl, Julia is a fighter. Truly a miracle and I continue to pray for her that she keeps going strong. Going to be a long road ahead of them.

...I think my nerves have set in. I haven't been nervous at all until this week realizing how close the wedding is.

...My work is throwing me a bridal shower on Friday. Looking forward to the food, a lot of items on the list are off of Pinterest so they are sure to be delicious! :)

...I stayed two nights this week at mom and dads. Mostly because of road work, it's been ridiculous.  Just Monday I left 10-15 minutes earlier due to road construction and I was 20 minutes late for work! I hate being late. Plus it saved me a ton in gas this week. Trying to pinch every penny for the wedding and honeymoon.

...Mom had my dad make some wedding favors, they turned out really good despite by dad and brother's cutting abilities with a somewhat circle. lol  Wish I could share! :)

...So crazy to think in just 3 weeks I will be in Jamaica and a HUGE break from here! CANNOT WAIT! Oh and maybe for the wedding as well. :)

...Bet you all are counting down the days as well so my blog posts aren't always about the wedding! :)

...My brother, Todd saw a mountain lion on his way home through county roads Tuesday night. Sends chills down my spine. In my opinion those things do not need to be alive!


  1. Can't believe the wedding is so soon!! Everything will turn out great :)

    I just heard this morning who the parents are of little Julia.. if you hear anything new, please let me know! I am hoping for the best!

    I HATE mountain lions too... someone saw one down belle chutes a while back.. totally creeped me out!!!!

  2. I just saw on facebook that she is doing well, lungs are strong and she's perfect other than a whole in her heart. So far she is a strong little girl and I pray that continues.

    I'm almost too scared to walk alone in the woods by myself. lol Afraid I'll see one.


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