Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

...Last week there was a Janitor from Newburg arrest for statutory sodomy in the second degree and sexual contact with a student. People are just sick! After learning more about it, it was so obvious what was going on as to why the parents didn't see this was happening right under their nose. This man is in his 40s and would even pick up this 15 year old male from his house to go out to eat, etc. like a date. Very sad! 

...This weekend is our annual jon boat float trip. Looking forward to it! First time I've had a chance to be on the river all summer long! So much nicer on the upper part of the Osage river, usually never meet anyone but maybe two boats that are fishing. So peaceful! 

...Yesterday I had the day off. Almost didn't seem like it since I was gone all day running errands and went for another dress fitting. Almost forgot my HL coupon, that's almost a sin to forget that thing. lol Wish every store had weekly coupons to use like they do, 40% off came in handy! 

...Went for another dress fitting yesterday. Needs a few more tweaks and it will be perfect! I did see three other dresses there I loved. lol 

...Finally down to my last bridal shower this weekend. Ahh at last, then by this time next week I will be caught up once again on thank yous until after the wedding. Which will be here in no time! :) 

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