Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I had to work late yet again. Went grocery shopping then headed home. As I was putting away groceries, I had a knock at the door. It was little Ms. Kylie. She had to come tell me all about her and grandma Laverne making chocolate chip cookies. I think she grows every time I see her. Mike went crappie fishing Friday so we went over to the Fisher residence up the street and had fried crappie and frog legs. Kylie and Landyn kept us all entertained for the evening.

Saturday I cleaned the house then headed off to Jeff. I am so glad I don't work in Jeff City, especially right now with having to cut through gravel roads since Meta bridge is being replaced. I spent way too much money on Mike and I for a few outfits for our engagement pictures. Oh well at least we both like everything I bought. Only live once, right?! :) Came home and played lazy until Mike got home. I am about tired of these daily sinus headaches, sure make a person feel run down. After Mike got back, I was feeling much better so I went with him to his dad and uncles new farm. The land was where Mike grew up and just this year, they were able to buy it back. I sat with Mike's dad, Frankie while Mike finished discing the field. By hearing his stories you could tell he was sure proud of that land and wishing they would have never sold it to begin with.

Went to Mike's grandma Luebberts before church. Lisa met us there to ride with us to church along with Jr. Father Ben's mother was in church. At the end of mass, he had her stand up so he could introduce her to everyone. Not like no one could tell who she was. lol She was dressed head to toe in her Nigerian attire. She seems like a very nice lady.

After church we headed to Mike's mom and dads house for Easter with both the Luebberts and Holtmeyer families. Most of the Holtmeyer side I have never met or only met once at Lisa's graduation which was 3 years ago. It was a big day for Mike's grandma, Ruby Holtmeyer as she celebrated her 90th birthday! I hope I can live to be as long as her and still live in my own house. When her health is down she does stay at the nursing home but it's usually for a couple weeks about 2-3 times out of a year. After the cake was cut and pictures took we headed out to my families' Easter. Just about everyone was gone but I was still able to give Kara her baby gift along with seeing the little ones. It's been since Christmas since I saw baby Kaleb along with Kaden. My dads first cousin had brought his baby boy, Grayson down. Come to find out he was born the same day as Kaleb.

Hope everyone had a happy, blessed Easter!

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