Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

After work I met Shelley to pick up the boys. When we got home, Nathan was barely out the door and already in the house before I even woke Blake up looking and hollering for Mike. He doesn't forget a thing. Ate pizza then headed to check out the creeks.

This is Brushy Creek behind Mike's mom and dads place. The house in the picture isn't theirs, it's an old farm house of their neighbors.

Brushy Creek again from the gravel road. Can you see where the bridge is suppose to be? lol Of course, Blake and Nathan wanted us to cross it.

Came back home so the boys could work on their car boxes. They turned out great. Made some popcorn and put them into plastic measuring cups which worked perfect as they could keep them hung on the side of their cars. Nathan wasn't into the whole movie thing so he just played. Blake on the other hand, he was glued to the TV. We watched Rio, it was pretty good. I thought it was the movie Rango when I recorded it so I was a little disappointed. lol

The boys enjoying their Drive-In Movie! Nathan is such a ham so you would think he would smile for the camera. I think this was Take #7 of trying to get a smile which by now his mouth is full of popcorn. lol

Mike and Blake went with Randy to get feed from Meta. I think he felt like the big guys getting to do everything they were doing. Later Nathan and I went along too. We watched the boys load up corn on the truck. Headed to Jr's lake when they got done to fish. Blake does pretty good and doesn't need any help unless he gets hooked on something. Nathan on the other hand, he is a wild fisherman. Moving the pole, bouncing it, reeling it in as fast as he could even though there was no fish on it. No wonder his worm kept getting off and he would yell at the fish to get on. lol

That evening we headed to my mom and dads for supper and to drop the boys off. Todd was nice enough to bring me some mushrooms since I hadn't had any yet for the year. They were good! Nathan cried for Mike as we left. Poor little guy gets his heart broke so easy. I think it made Mike's day.

I didn't wake up in time to go with Mike to his grandma's to visit before church, which he leaves around 7:30. lol So Mike and his uncle Jr. picked me up before church. I swear the church is shrinking even more! lol Hope there is room for everyone come September 8th! Father Ben has been back for a couple weeks now from visiting his family in Nigeria. His mom came back with him and thinks our weather is soo cold. She doesn't understand why in the world the kids going to school are wearing shorts. She thinks they must be ill or something. Good thing she wasn't here back in December when it really was cold out! lol

Went to Mike's mom and dads to eat then came home to do some major cleaning and to tackle some wedding decor. I was using a spray can for the decor and it leaked big time. I was so furious with it as my hand was literally covered in paint. Not only that, but I was out of everything to get the paint off. So I scrubbed to get as much as I could off before my hand felt raw. Wouldn't have been such a big deal if it wasn't a different type of paint which made my hands literally stuck together so it HAD to come off. Randy came over and grilled pork tenderloin in the shed. It was such a nice evening for it. Fisher rode the four-wheeler with his two boys to visit. One thing I love about living in town, it's convent for visitors.


  1. Sounds like you all had a good time! The car boxes are so cute Blake told me all about them.
    Well I guess since your church is shrinking I better be sure I get there plenty early to get a good seat :)

  2. Great idea with the measuring cups!

  3. Thanks Courtney! I was searching for plastic containers to put them in then saw the measuring cups and thought PERFECT idea! :)

  4. Very cute cars!

    I'm very similar to a recluse, I believe, your last comment about living in town and having visitors is EXACTLY opposite of what I think. I hated living in town for that reason!! LOL!

  5. Dana - Come to think of it, I usually hope no one stops by, especially on Saturday mornings when I'm still in my jammies and look like I've been hit by a train. :)

    So maybe I should rephrase it to only when it's convent for me, then it's nice for visitors. lol


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