Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I had to work late. On my way home I had to take this pretty picture of the sky to send to my mom with God beaming people up. Of course I don't really think that, but I did at one time. When I was little, of course. :)

Mike and I got up bright and early to head to Jeff. Got to Victoria's Bridal and picked out our tuxes. I love them! I was wanting something different, but I let Mike have the control on this one since he is the one wearing them. Love our end choice with the vest and ties. Now I just have to double check to make sure they wrote down the right one the next time I go there. lol The girl that helped kept getting the colors mixed up so it's better to double check then to have it all wrong. My dress was still there hanging up. I never said a word until we left so Mike wouldn't look in that direction. Can't wait to get it in. Had breakfast at McDonalds. It's been a long time since I ate breakfast there and will be a long time before I do that again. It wasn't very good at all. We were so disappointed. Stopped at Walgreens to get our passport pictures done then headed over to the jewelry store to pick out Mike's wedding ring and to order my wedding band. Managed to get three things done off our very long wedding to-do list. :) Was home by 11 so we had time to eat at Mike's mom and dads and got home before the storm set in for the day. I don't think I ever heard thunder so loud as I did at Frank and Laverne's. You could see the lighting hitting in the field behind their house. Thank goodness that wasn't where their cows were located at. I really wish I could share a picture of what I made on Saturday, but I can't since I know one bridesmaid for sure reads my blog. ;) That evening we headed to Kitty's for a little while.

Headed to Vienna to go to church with mom. Had dinner afterwards of corn beef and cabbage. We're the only ones in my family that likes it so I look forward to it this time of the year. Came home and pulled some weeds. A few of my tulips I planted last Fall made it. I was a little unsure since the ground where I planted them was very hard so the bulbs didn't get into the ground as much as I would have liked. Mike mowed the yard, it was looking pretty shabby and the worst in town in my opinion. Hoping to buy grass seed this week and for it to kill all the weeds. Our Sunday cook, Randy came over and cooked beer butt chicken. It was soooo good.

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