Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I had to work late since three publications had to go to press. Friday's are always the busiest day of the work week for me, therefore, I think it should be illegal to work so hard on the weekend eve. :) Stopped by mom and dads before heading home to drop off a screen they had fixed. I think mom learned her lesson that she can get screens fixed from little to nothing if she has her soon-to-be son-in-law take them to his work. lol I've still been battling a cold-sinus' so it was an early night for me. Benedryl has been my new best friend.

Woke up feeling even worse. Took a very long shower and took my time getting ready. Seemed to have helped so I was ready to go for the weekend, or so I thought. Mike, Randy and I met Andrea and Aaron and headed to Springfield. About 20 of us stopped to eat lunch at Hooters before venturing over to the bowling alley for a grueling 7 hours!! The previous bowlers were running an hour behind. Did get to see a couple of guys score a 300. They take their bowling way too seriously up there. A guy next to us literally talked to his ball, kissed it, then would lick his finger to test the air every time he bowled. Guess it was pretty windy in there for him. lol Not to mention he would choose between four balls he brought on which one to use each time. Weird. Watched the ended of the Mizzou game then headed to check in to our hotel.

Usually we always regret driving to eat somewhere because there is always a wait so we choose Coyote Adobe which was right next to the hotel. Well... we waited an hour and half to get our food. They didn't tell us until 50 minutes of waiting that there was a party of 30 in the back that had an order before us. Great. For all we knew we were the next table to get our food because the rest of the restaurant wasn't packed at all. Finally got our food and mine was horrible. They decided to take our drinks off. Good for everyone else, but Mike and I both had water. lol Everyone headed across the street to Midnight Rodeo. I on the other hand opted out and just wanted to take more meds and sleep. I was getting worse and starting to think I was dumb for coming along and not staying home to get better.

Felt a little better but was losing my voice. Thank goodness it was an early morning and we headed back home. Did some laundry, laid down for awhile then tackled some decorations for the wedding. Felt good to get a start on it. I've been slacking especially if I want to make my own personal deadline to get it all done before Summer.

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  1. Sucks about your food taking so long!! I would of been just like you & mike with water!! I hardly ever drink anything but water when we go out!.. they should of taken some off of your meals- that's a very long wait!!


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