Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Mike was helping his uncle with his turkeys since he was ill. I ended up staying at my mom and dads since mom and I were getting up early the next morning for shopping. Ate supper at Roadkill. I always get the same thing, pulled pork sandwich. Maybe next time I will venture out and try something new.

Mom and I headed to Springfield to do some wedding shopping. We had a gift card to use at Gordmans, but we didn't see a single thing to buy. This never happens to us with this store. Usually we are putting stuff back on the shelf before we check out because we have too much! Ended up finding a few things on our list at Hobby Lobby. Ate at Longhorn Steak House for lunch, my Grilled Fontina Chicken sandwich and loaded potato soup was really good! Headed to the mall then on to Walmart before heading home.

Mike and I headed to his mom and dads for lunch. Mike's uncle Jr. was busy helping his other uncle, Fran out with his turkeys since he was still sick so we feed Jr's turkeys for him. Quite the workout feeding around 12,000 turkeys not to mention it's about 90 degrees in there. By the time I got done with one side from where I started it looked like I didn't do anything since they ate it so fast. lol Glad I don't have to do that everyday with the smell and turkey crap all over the bottom of your shoes. Was such a nice day out so Randy and Mike went fishing while Jr. and I sat on the bank and watched. Didn't take long for the wind to pick up and clouds to come in so back home it was. Made cube steak for supper and ended the evening watching the season premiere of Army Wives.

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  1. Oh, darn!! Army Wives was on and I missed it!!


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