Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...A few weekends ago I made Snicker salad. It was sooooo yummy. Just granny smith apples and a snicker bar cut up. From Pinterest!

...This weekend Mike and I are going to Springfield with another couple from St. Elizabeth. There is probably about 40 bowlers from our area that participates every year in the bowling tournament. Always the second weekend in March. St. E takes over Springfield!

...You can tell it's getting close to St. Pats here in Rolla. Already seeing lots of guys carrying around their decorative tree trunks as an initiation. Looks like fun. Not!

...Back in November we had a new thermostat put in. I am usually pretty good about getting things back in order with my house to the way it should be as soon as I can... but not this! I still have a patch on the wall that needs sanded down and repainted where our new thermostat doesn't cover the same area as the old one. Sigh. To my defense, the whole hallway needs repainted. I thought I did such a good job painting it last year... well it's about a half-a$$ job! I'm blaming it on bad lighting, paint exhaustion and me being in a tizzy on moving into our new home.

...I am officially addicted to Storage Wars, thanks to my dad. Yesterday I was at home sick and guess what.... it was a Storage Wars marathon! I was in heaven despite feeling crappy. :)

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  1. Storage Wars well thats right up Blake's alley too he likes watching it with papa.

    Oh yes paint exhasution know all about that! I'm sure the hallway doesn't look crappy tho.

    Hope you have fun in Springfield, Rolla bowling teams took over Springfield last weekend.


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