Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Left work early so Mike and I could meet our photographer. We were almost to her house and I read the directions wrong, we ended up at Tom Henke's house! If only we knew that at the time. I was even going to have Mike go ahead and drive to the basement because I was sure it was her house. LOL Christina was so nice and had so many great ideas. Looking forward to seeing our wedding pictures already! Dropped my ring off to be resized and picked out a wedding band. Crazy how a little band makes the ring looks so much different. Now I feel naked without my ring! :) We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time before heading home. I wasn't too impressed with their food.

Headed to Mike's mom and dads with Mike and his brothers for dinner. Came home to do some laundry while they headed to Jeff to pick up some furniture for Steve. After they got home we went to Kittys to visit for a awhile. It was such a pretty day that I wasn't ready to go home so we took some gravel. Ended up at one of my favorite houses for a visit with Brian, Colette and their cute little daughter, Maley. She kept us entertained the whole evening. Came back home in time for supper. I usually don't try too many new recipes so close together since it gets too pricey with all the extra groceries. Luckily I had all the ingredients for Taco Bake that I found on Pinterest. It was pretty good. Mike wasn't too sure of it then took a bit and was hooked. He ate almost half of it. lol Recipe to follow.

I woke up with another migraine so I stayed home while Mike went to church. Headed to mom and dads for Sunday dinner, everyone made it plus grandma, grandpa, cousin Michael and Desmon. Had a good afternoon visiting. That evening Randy ended up grilling brats for us. Aaa our Sunday cook is back! :)

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