Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Met up with the girls for our annual Christmas get-together. Had a nice evening and ended it at the pub. I was so relieved it wasn't packed at all. Got our visiting in and I was able to call it a night early.

Had to wake up early so I could meet Danielle at her moms house. Dress shopping day #1 was a success! The 3rd dress she tried on was the one. There was no question when she came out that it was the dress. Ended up looking at bridesmaid dresses as well and found one, it ended up being the first dress that everyone picked. I hope to be just as lucky with finding my dress this weekend. Not to mention at this bridal shop, it's "White Wedding" month where the wedding dresses are 50% off. Cha-ching! Trying not to let the pressure of 50% get to me so I don't settle with just any dress. Danielle, her mom, Ashlie and I ended up going to Columbia to get a few things. It was my first Sams experience and I think I'm hooked. Ate at Fridays then headed back home. Glad we came home when we did since I had a stupid migraine coming on. I hate those things so I took some meds and a catnap. Woke up feeling so much better so it was time to clean the house for Sunday.

Spent the morning cooking/preparing for white chile for the Elrods/Chad's birthday. It was so nice outside that I decided to get a few windows cleaned before they all got there. It's amazing how they always look clean until the sun shines through them. Never ending job... I had told my dad and brothers to bring their muscles and good backs because they were going to be put to work. I had them move my antique hutch to the living room. It looks so much better in there plus my kitchen looks double the size! Since it was out of the way from everything and everyone, it made a perfect spot to bring out my ceramic nativity scene my grandma Elrod made all by hand. Gosh, I miss her and grandpa so much! I've never got it out for Christmas before since there wasn't really a good spot for it. So glad there is now a special spot for it. Mike's mom bought us a nativity set over the weekend so it fit perfectly in our entertainment center.

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