Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Ended up working late so we just stayed in since I wasn't feeling the greatest with allergies and Mike had to help with turkeys early the next day. Seems to be a pattern with this allergy crap to fall on weekends here lately. Not liking it.

Still wasn't feeling the greatest, but since I couldn't sleep worth a darn I went ahead and made myself clean the house and bake two pumpkin pies for Sunday. Ended up putting out my Christmas decor besides the tree. Still have yet to purchase one and lights for the house. That afternoon we attended a wedding reception in town. We could have went ahead and made it to a hayride to help celebrate a friend, Derek's 30th birthday, but again I was still feeling like crap so that wasn't an option. Didn't end up staying very long at the reception.

Allergy free at last! :) Mike and I headed to my mom and dads for a big family dinner to help my grandpa Feeler celebrate his 87th birthday. My brother, Chad left early to go for training in Kentucky for a possible job. You would think he was leaving for war with the way my grandparents was acting with all the hugs/concerns. It was a good day spent with family. Stopped at Mike's mom and dads on the way home where Mike became Jake's play mate, he loves his Mike. He talked him into playing catch with a tomato. lol Surprisingly it last through several rounds of catch. Fixed supper then watched a few Sunday evening shows.

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