Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I had to work late so Mike picked up pizza and a movie. We watched The Switch with Jennifer Aniston in it. It was an okay movie.

Mike had to work again. I got all the laundry and house cleaned by noon, a good feeling that stuff is out of the way so you can enjoy the beautiful days before it gets too cold out. After I took my shower I was surprised to see I had a voice mail from Dad saying him and mom were at Kittys eating lunch. I think they just missed their baby girl. :) They came over and we took a drive so they could see the Osage river at the Tavern access. Not long after they left Mike was back from work so we headed out again to enjoy the day. Stopped to see his friend Jason who needed a break from working on his wife's car so we headed out for a drive. Ended up visiting Trevor and Emily for awhile and of course little Hunter. Ate supper at Kittys then went home to watch the Cards play an awesome game.

I went with Mike to do his usual Sunday routine of going to his grandmas house to visit then headed to church with his uncle Jr. After church Jr. treated us to lunch at the community center where the Knights of Columbus had a Fall dinner. Mike's cousin ended up sitting right behind us so I got to hold baby Madison while they ate. She has changed a lot in looks since I last saw her, but still looking more and more like her momma. After the dinner Mike's mom and dad met us at the house and we headed to Jake's 3rd birthday party in Tuscumbia. After we got back, Mike and I headed out once again to help out a friend, Kristina with her house. I hated that we had another Sunday of planned events already so I was bound and determined to go there and help for at least a little bit. I ended up painting while Mike helped the guys clear some limbs out before they called it a day.

Correction to my Wednesday Ramblings: The Hornets weren't going to state just yet (then). They had one more game (last Thursday) which they won. Saturday they played for state and WON! Congratulations to the St. Elizabeth Hornets!!

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