Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Was a nice quiet evening in. Caught up on laundry and some much needed sleep.

Mike and I met a group in Argyle to take a bus to Hermann for Oktoberfest. I don't do well in long rides so nothing to my surprise, I was extremely carsick. Luckily not the projectile type. ;) The day was perfect! I had way more fun than I even anticipated, so glad I decided to go. Pictures to come in a later post.

Slept in then headed to Mike's parents for breakfast/lunch of bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes. Came home to tackle the rest of the laundry and to put roast on. Went to Jeff to grab a few groceries and to exchange a chair. One of our new chairs had a small split in it. They didn't seem too happy with the exchange, but too bad too sad. I'm not paying for something and it being half-as$ed. Came home and headed with Mike's mom to see the wee one. Madison looked so much smaller in person than in her pictures. She definitely looks like her momma.

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