Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...I can't believe it's already time for Iron Works this weekend. I'm grateful my family is still able to keep the molasses family tradition going. It's always so pretty at Meramec this time of the year and the weather is going to be perfect! Not to mention the flavored honey (blueberry is the best!) and kettle corn!

...Went with mom last night to see my new baby cousin, Kaleb Russell! He is perfect! Big brother just loves his 'Taleb'. I may have to steal the pictures from my mom when she posts since my camera didn't want to coorporate. Yes my new camera! I took tons of pictures of clothes to post online Monday night and it worked fine. Well now the lens is NOT wanting to open at all. I've tried everything. Looks like I will have to be exchanging it.

...With the money I received from selling stuff online, I bought a new pot and a huge mum at Lowe's last night. I love! Now I just need to purchase some pumpkins and I'll be set for Fall.

...It's amazing the difference new tires can make!

...Well so much for trying to get all my Christmas done early. I do have a few things bought but the money situation always gets in the way. Especially with new tires and we need to purchase a Christmas tree. I had went the day after Christmas last year and they were ALL sold out except the cheap-looking trees. I plan to get a good one that will last for years. Plus I'm not into the whole black Friday shopping. Mom and I do go sometimes to just shop/browse, plus it's in the afternoon so we're not that serious on getting those limited bargains.

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  1. WHAT??? NOT a black friday shopper...are u sure we are friends LOL ;) ps im emailing u about what happened to me in stl yesterday ur going to LOVE it


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