Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...This weekend is Mike and I's first time going to Oktoberfest in Herman. Every year we always have something going on about every weekend in October.

...Where has September gone?

...I really wish tires were a lot cheaper. Not to mention I have 17" tires (aka truck tires) on my Edge so that means more $$. Yuck! I bet you can't guess where my next paycheck is going!?

...I'm loving my Jordan Essentials makeup. It's feels so light on.

...Tonight I have two little munchkins, little Ms. Kylie and little Mr. Jake while everyone else is stuck bowling. With these two little characters, there won't be a dull moment in my house.

...Today is 25¢ for a 20oz. cappuccino. THANK YOU CARDINALS!!!


  1. I have my coffee today too!! My dad gets me $.25 every 6 run day & i am enjoying mine today because it will be a long time again.

  2. I know, too bad they didn't do the same for the rams instead of the car wash deal.

  3. Are you going on the bus for Renee's birthday to Hermann this weekend??

  4. Woohoo! Make sure I'm fun. I have a tendency to be a little hateful these days - especially when I'm tired and missing Zach ; )

  5. Yay! Sounds like a big group of us going. I know a bunch of ladies from St. Elizabeth are going as well.

    Is Chris going? If so, Mike will be happy to know one more guy going that he knows. You'll have fun!

  6. Yep, Chris is going : ) He's always liked Mike!!!!


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