Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Hard to believe today is the last day of August. This year is really flying by.

...Does anyone watch the Bachelor Pad? I am so ready for Vienna and Kasey to hit the road. They are both crazy, obsessed people so no wonder they work perfectly as a couple.

...This weekend is a busy one. Not sure if we're going to the fair or not. I know... big deal to NOT go to the world's largest fair! Saturday we have a wedding in St. Thomas, 3rd Annual jon boat float trip on Sunday and Monday we may make a trip to Menards to get Mike a new shower.

...Some of my followers has me hooked on PINTEREST.COM! I'm addicted.

...Can't wait to break out my fall decor. I didn't even get it out last year since we thought we were getting the house in October. So it all stayed packed away.

...Our dryer quit drying again! Luckily once again it's a cheap fix but I'm getting tired of it being out of commission for a 3-4 days at a time. I feel laundry deprived. So tonight is laundry night! Can't wait.


  1. I just discovered pinterest too! I love it!!

  2. ok ladies im gonna have to check out this site....OH and bachelor pad is my reality tv addiction NEVER have i been one to sit and have a "SHOW" but this one reeled me in and OMG kasey and vienna are pathetic!

  3. -kasey & Vienna have to go. She gives our town a bad name.


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