Friday, August 26, 2011

Random thoughts...

Is it bad I am craving cinnamon rolls after going to the bathroom here at work? lol Everyone here thought I was nuts until I let them know there is a new cinnamon air freshener. :)

Cannot wait to take the Allen boys fishing tonight.

Yesterday Mom bought Mike and I an early Christmas present... a new KITCHEN TABLE! It's exactly what I want and I never could find one until now. I haven't found one online that looks exactly like it so I will post pictures as soon as it arrives. It's a tall table in espresso.

Got one of my Christmas presents completely done and little Nathan's birthday present finished. Now I just wish I could have the rest of my Christmas finished! Somehow money always stops me from this. Darn.

Mike's shower has been leaking or from what it appears. Found one at Menards that would work great and at a very low price. So we may look into this in the NEAR future.

This weather feels like it's time for Molasses at Iron Works. Only a couple more months...

I can't believe I'm going to be 26 soon! Yuck. Four more years to 30! Crap.

There has been four child deaths in Missouri this summer where the child finds a gun. Sad.

Madison's Cafe was okay yesterday. I had the clam soup with salad which was good. My sprite on the other hand, not so much. It tasted like the smell of a dirty rest area bathroom. No joke!

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  1. You sure don't look 26 :)

    I know what u mean about money getting in the way of Christmas shopping! It's crazy how much it takes to get all your shopping done!!


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