Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I ended up working close to 12 hours. Yuck. So I had to miss eating with the girls at the local Eagles. I was so looking forward to it since it's been FOREVER since I've been there. Luckily I was still able to meet up with them and we headed to the local pub where Mike met me later. It was so packed and that evening was not my cup of tea. Some times you got to wonder, are these people ever going to grow up? Amazes me how some have kids and yet they are getting into fights because someone mouthed there truck, etc. - Guess that's my vent for the day, immature people. :) On a good note, I was able to catch up with all my friends and one who just recently got engaged.

Saturday was a lazy lazy day. There was nothing planned, which I loved! I only ventured out of the house to wash my car and to water my flowers. I love our car wash in town. The automatic does a good job compared to any I have ever used here in Rolla. Watched a few movies while doing a little bit of housework. I can't remember which ones I watched besides, Sahara starring Matthew McConaughey. It was a pretty good action movie and a little funny at that. Mike and I laughed a lot watching it.

Sunday was the church picnic at St. Elizabeth. This is definitely where living in town comes in handy. It was a scorcher and we never did get any of the rain that everyone else seemed to get. It did thunder here and there, but that was it. After we ate I signed up to win in the raffle. I was hoping to win the bike or better yet, a $1,000! After that I headed home to enjoy the AC for awhile. Mike's sister came down for a while to cool off so we had a nice visit. Went back to the picnic to watch the quilt auction. Some quits were auctioning off over a $1,000. Interesting to watch since the years before I usually left right before it started. Played Bingo for awhile until I realized there was NO hope in winning. The heat was pretty much miserable to withstand so I decided to head back and enjoy the AC again for the rest of the evening. Mike ended up stayed for the drawing which neither of us won a thing. So much for winning that $1,000. :)

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  1. I know what you mean about people that seem like they are never going to grow up!! I don't get it either!!


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