Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Is it bad I kind of wish I was sick sick? lol Ready for a break from work or better yet a better job that is closer to home and with more pay. For now, I'll keep dreaming!

...Mike tried fettucini alfredo the other night and to his surprise he liked it. Too bad I didn't make it sooner for him to try. It's one of my favorites!

...Someone checked in next door. By my reference to check in, I mean the "dead people's hotel", or as everyone knows it as a funeral home. So weird since I was just asked last Friday night if anyone had checked in yet since we moved in and I reassured them that no one has. Well little did I know when I went home that night that there was in fact a person (dead) next door. My family always teases me because my biggest phobia is where a dead body was or is. I can deal with cemeteries, but I cannot deal with the unknown fact that someone could have died or been murdered in a hotel room I would be staying at. Gives me the creeps!

...Well my mom may get her wish and be able to buy my Edge. I'm seriously thinking about going with a gas saver car. Extremely serious. Just not sure I can ultimately say goodbye to my edge and go back to a car. Scary decision let me tell ya. For those who know me, know my mind may change tomorrow. lol But as for now the more I think about the more I am dead set on getting one to save money. Maybe down the road when I get a closer job and more pay I can purchase my dream Edge. That would be VERY far down the road unfortunately.

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