Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday was a nice quiet evening at home.

Saturday I started baking as soon as I woke up. Took a short break to eat dinner at Mike's mom and dads. Finished baking the rest of my desserts then headed with Mike to cruise the country in search for something to do since the rain had stopped. Had supper at the local restaurant then headed to a friends house to play cards the rest of the evening.

Sunday was yet another morning of baking. Headed my mom and dads for Easter. I was starting to think maybe we had too much food, but to my surprise there was NOTHING left! My aunt made cake balls as well. They tasted like chocolate covered cherry's. She used cherry chip cake with dark chocolate coating. I only had about six cake balls, do to me not paying close attention and scorching the chocolate. Oops! lol Oh well, it's probably a good thing since she made some as well. My spinach bars turned out good, recipe to come. That evening we headed to Mike's aunt house for his families' Easter. All in all it was a great Easter day spent with family.

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