Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday we spent the evening at Randy and Elizabeth's house for Kylie's 3rd birthday.

Saturday got up early to get ready for Springfield. Mike along with other guys from St. Elizabeth had to bowl in a tournament. We rode up there with our neighbors, Aaron and Andrea along with Mike's brother Randy. Stopped at Hooters for lunch. Not my cup of tea atmosphere wise, but the food and the service was surprisingly good. Luckily there wasn't many people there since we literally needed to get in and get out within an hour to make it back to the bowling alley in time for them to check in. After dropping the boys off Andrea and I along with two other girls went shopping. Neither of us had very good luck at the mall. Anything beat sitting in the dingy smoke filled bowling alley. I had forgotten how much it stunk in there. We did manage to find some good items at Gordmans. I love that store! Plan to go back asap with mom so I can get some home decor I found and loved. It was too big to even think about bringing back with us, plus it was only $24! By the time we checked in to the hotel and headed back to the alley the boys were finished. Couldn't have timed it any better. A big group of us ate at Springfield Brewery. It was neat to try something different. The guys got pitchers of different types of beer they had. The darkest one tasted like coffee, it was disgusting! Headed back to the hotel before heading across the street to Midnight Rodeo.

Sunday I woke up with a cold. Nothing like being sick and away from home. Stopped at a gas station on the way home so I could get some meds. It worked and knocked me out for most of the ride back home and the rest of the afternoon. For supper I made homemade chicken noodle soup. Well it was as homemade as I'm going to get, the noodles were Amish noodles that I bought at Wal-mart. Not exactly the same as homemade, but close enough.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday as it quickly went away. I was shocked to see about 1 1/2 - 2 inches of snow at our house this morning.

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  1. I lOVE Amish noodles! They are so close to homemade, I think!


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