Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...this is the first year I have ever done a bracket. I'm not a sports person, but thought what the heck, I'll give it a shot this year. We have about 12+ people here at my work and some of their spouses participating for $5 each. A co-workers wife won it last year and the odds are in her favor so far to win it again this year. She doesn't watch sports either, her strategy last year was by picking her favorite mascot and this year her favorite color. Well I picked BYU to win it all, yes I did just say BYU (lol). Ha, you can tell I don't know what I'm doing. I tried to change it at the last minute to Kansas but the person in charge said nope I was too late. Darn it! Oh well, so far they coming through for me, so I'm hoping they will win it all. :)

...This Saturday afternoon Mike and I along with three others are bowling at Hooks to raise money for the March of Dimes. I'm sure I will be lousy at bowling, but at least I will have fun trying.

...Got three tabloids sent off to press already this week...feel like I can breath just a little. Still have two Chamber Directories magazines to finish up by next week if I don't lose my mind by then.

...I've been wanting to make cake pops after reading a post from a fellow blogger. They look delicious and so easy to make, or at least she made it look easy. :) If I get time this weekend I'm going to make it with confetti cake, strawberry icing(my fav!) covered with white chocolate.

...still waiting and hoping to win a camera or a KitchenAid mixer from PW. Crossing my fingers and toes. Nikon camera is up for grabs this week! of this week, our heat is officially turned off. Well...that is if we don't get that big snow storm next week that the farmer's almanac is calling for. Which the weather has been so nice so I don't see it happening. Then again it does seem like the last big snow we had it was really nice the week before!? CrAzY weather!

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