Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...a good friend from my new hometown lost her mother this week, she was way too young and so unexpected. So my prayers go out to her and to her family through this difficult time. Very sad.

...I really hate this time of the year due to daylight savings. It always throws me off schedule for at least two weeks or so. The past two mornings I have found myself wanting to fall asleep at the wheel! Yea. Not good. Thank goodness for caffeine!

...I love french vanilla cappuccinos. ADDICTED!

...I dislike the student crosswalks here in Rolla. They are a pain literally, it's usually hard to see a student especially when they dart out behind parked vehicles. It's state law to stop, but I along with others tend to not do so unless we absolutely have to due to a student walking out oblivious to any cars or a cop happens to be close by. Oops!

...I wish Spring weather lasted longer than it does. I hate the extreme summer heat/ I used to say when I was little "mommy make it stop!", referring to my sweat. plant I got from grandparents last week smells like something is burning like rubber. It took me awhile to realize it wasn't coming from the dryer or from downstairs. It's not a strong odor, just not an expecting smell one might get from a flower. far Mike and I already have about 4-5 weddings we have to attend this year.

...sorry for the frequent blog changes to my background, etc. I like to change it up a lot and tend to not like what I put on there after a few days. Sorry if this annoys anyone...I know it annoys me since I can never make a strong decision on just one. major plans for this weekend, which I LOVE!

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