Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

- My mom called me this morning to tell me she fell down the basement steps again! This is twice in the past year. She's okay just supporting a lovely concussion, swollen head and a sprained neck. So she is very sore today. I plan to skip my lunch today so I can leave early and bring her favorite snack, a sundrop and cashews.
- Today marks the first day with our new water system hooked up or I think it's hooked up all the way. Well I'm not sure if we are going to get charge yet or if they will wait to do the final hook up when everyone on our block has theirs. I DO NOT LIKE THIS. This means my little water bill is now going to sky rocket literally about 3 times.
- Rolla was getting ready for St. Pat's this morning. It's the biggest holiday for Rolla. I've already seen a few MO S&T students this morning doing the tradition of carrying their decorated tree with the roots around town. Also several city workers were clearing the sidewalks to prepare for the parade next Saturday. I wish I would've had my camera. It was kind of funny pulling onto 9th street seeing about 15 of these workers all in orange hoodies, black coveralls and sunglasses clearing the sidewalks with their leaf blowers.
- I am really hoping the big weather the farmer's almanac is calling for at the end of the month is wrong. I have so much due at work around that time. Yes, I am already stressing about it. It used to take three people to do all the special projects now it's just me! So for this month I have two chamber directory magazines to put out, one is 80 pages and the other is 40 along with several special tabloids going out. In the end the overtime will be very nice on my paycheck! :)
- This Saturday my work is putting on a swap and shop. I have six dresses to be sold, so crossing my fingers I will make some money this weekend. They are all dresses from weddings except for one which was my junior prom dress. Hard to think that dress is seven years old, but it actually looks in better shape than the newer dresses I have.

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