Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend REEcap

Friday I had to work late.

Saturday I got up early to meet mom then we picked up Shelley and headed to St. Louis. Went to the Dove mall, target then on to the Galleria mall with about a two hour time span between the two malls. :) We thought we would come along good shopping areas by the library, but everything seemed to be vacant including a mall! Seemed like such a waste of good buildings. We also planned to stop at the Big Foot store, but they were closed as well. Around 3:30 we decided we better head back to the library to wait in line. I knew the line would be long, but never imagine the extent of it. There was already a long line 2 hours prior to Ree Drummond's book signing. It was a little chilly out but nothing we couldn't handle. Finally at about 5:30 they let everyone in to find a seat. Then there she was... Mrs. Ree Drummond and her husband (Marlboro man). She looked even taller in person. She did an introduction to her book signing and answered questions. She announced several times how she hated public speaking and was terrible at it. Well she did awesome despite the weird questions people were asking her. After the Q & A's she was brought into a private room where everyone went in groups to meet her and to get our books signed. I may have to break down and actually read this book. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to read unless it's a magazine. We were group #2. I am so mad at myself for being so nervous around her. I said maybe two words, hi and thank you! Yes, April Elrod was star struck! Even after the signing I was still shaking. I felt like a nerdy fan! ;) After the book signing we headed home. I stayed at mom and dads since I knew we would be getting back late and grandma was also having dinner the next day.

Sunday dad fixed breakfast: bacon, eggs and toast! YUM! Played lazy most of the morning before heading to grandmas. She made ham and beans, mashed potatoes and gravy etc. All very good along with the company of great family! I didn't stay as long as I would have liked due to a headache coming back. It started at the book signing the night before then finally went away on the way home. By the time I got home it went into a full migraine. Been years since I had one that bad. Took some medicine and slept all afternoon and most of the evening.


  1. Between being cold and star struck you were quite shaky :) It was a great weekend and hopefully we can plan another shopping trip in the future and take Betsy with us to guide our way lol

  2. I think we would have been lost if you didn't bring the gps, aka Betsy! :)

  3. I just read your title, Weekend REE cap. Clever!!! lol


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