Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday I had to work late so I just stayed home afterward since Mike had to bowl.

Saturday morning Mom and I headed to the Christmas Market and stopped in at Oak Harvest in town. We wasn't ready to go home so we decided to head to St. Robert. I thought we were going to get lost since Mom wanted to take the long way there from 133 and ended up taking a county road. I was disappointed my camera was being stubborn and wouldn't let me take a picture of a wolf watching some cattle. Yes a wolf! It wasn't a dog and way too big to be a coyote, so it had to be? Wasn't sure as to where this road would lead us to since there was hardly any houses on this road and it was kind of creepy. After finally seeing highway we realized we didn't make it very far from our N Hwy turn off. Oh well we had time to kill and saw new country. Shopped a little in St. Robert before heading to Rolla to JCPenneys. As mom constantly kept saying, "It was a beautiful day". And that it was!

That evening Mike and I went with Mom and Dad to eat at Randy's Road Kill & BBQ. Headed into Rolla to bowl. We had a lot of fun bowling and watching mom yell at the ball going down the lane.

Sunday was a family dinner at the house to celebrate my grandpa's 86th (November 6th) and Mike's 28th birthday (November 10th). I forgot to take a picture of grandpa's card I gave him along with the pictures. I had bought his card a month ago and not realizing it, the theme went "perfectly" with the pictures of grandpa and I dancing when I was a toddler. Before grandpa and grandma left he had to do a gig for me to let me know he still had it in him. :) It was another beautiful day celebrating it with family. After everyone left my cousin Ashlyne and I watched Freedom Writers. It was a good movie. Did some laundry, packed a few more things for the move, and ended the evening watching Desperate Housewives.

Elizabeth Ann playing with my camera.

Birthday boys, grandpa Feeler and Mike.

Their birthday cake.

Grandma, Grandpa, Mike and I

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  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I love the cake!


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