Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sorry I'm a day late. Work has been very hectic the past few weeks.

Friday I finally headed to St. Elizabeth. I was a little unsure if I knew my way there since it had been a month. ;) Between weddings and molasses our weekends have been booked. Mike had to bowl so our evening was spent at the bowling alley. Most people don't realize a small town like St. Elizabeth has a bowling alley. It's only 4 lanes, but works perfect for their leagues.

Saturday I headed home early so I could help mom watch the Allen boys. It had been awhile since we saw them so it's always a treat to spend quality time with them. Mom had taken Blake with her to a family reunion and I stayed home with a very sleepy baby, Nathan. He must love mom's couch, as he laid there literally 40 minutes (no exaggeration) after his nap watching the clock and looking towards the window at the leaves falling. Every little bit he would pop his little head up and smile at me then laid back down. It was cute. Spent the rest of the evening enjoying the boys and watching them play together.

Sunday Mike and I headed to St. Elizabeth to his grandma's house before heading to church, a routine/tradition Mike does every Sunday. After church, Mike and I along with his uncle Junior, friend Dale, his wife and daughter headed to St. Anthony to the Fall Dinner. It was a perfect day for it and the food was very good. That afternoon it was too nice to stay inside so we took a long four wheeler ride before heading to a friends house to watch him put a hitch on Mike's brother Randy's truck. Spent the rest of the day watching miss Kylie drive the tractor in the field with Randy, she was pretty proud of herself. Ate dinner and came back to my house to watch our favorite show, Desperate Housewives.

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