Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday Mike and I headed to Doug & Beth Kleffner's wedding. The wedding was at her mom's house which is located about 5 minutes from my house. They had the most gorgeous view for their wedding, perfect setting for a perfect couple. I, along with everyone else was very shocked that at 75 degrees we were about to burn up in the sun. Her brother sang a song before walking her down the aisle, he did a great job. I was a little sad I had to miss our annual molasses making and family reunion but at least there is always Iron Works to look forward to this year in just a couple weeks!

We picked up my friend, Malinda before heading to the reception in Brinktown. She was my life saver, I was hoping and figured she may have had baby wipes at her house for her nephew Tyler. I was right, she came to my rescue! After sweating like crazy at the wedding, I was a little self conscious my arm pits would stink. :) I had the honor to serve food to the wedding party and helped with cutting the cakes. Which I have to say was the best piece of cake I've ever tasted!! Ended the evening dancing and catching up with friends.

Sunday Mike and I met his uncle Junior, a friend Dale, his wife and daughter to eat at the Visitation Fall supper. Came home and took a nap while Mike watched the race. Woke up feeling refreshed so I got a lot of cleaning done and even started packing some of my stuff for when we move in a couple of months. I was so relieved I bought several plastic bins/tubs a few years ago. Makes it much easier storing items and not having to worry so much about moisture getting in and ruining most of your belongings. Ended the evening watch the season premiere of Desperate Housewives.

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