Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike and I stayed home.

Saturday was a major deep cleaning day for me. Got everything done and got ready for the evening. We had a truck full and headed to the Truck & Tractor pull in St. Anthony. My friend Danielle came along with us along with Mike's brother Randy, cousin Matthew and his friend Brandon. They kept us entertained the whole way. Never a dull moment around Matt and Brandon. After the pull we headed back to St. Elizabeth for a wedding dance.
This was the only "good" picture of the two of us. Can you tell we missed each other?

Sunday we stayed at Mike's house and had dinner or well breakfast. ;) Consisted of pancakes, eggs, bacon and some sweet corn! What a combo. Mike's mom was trying to get rid of the corn before it went bad. Went for a four wheeler ride then headed back to my house where mom had fixed tacos for supper. Ended the evening watching the season finale of Army Wives.

Monday was my day off! Mom had a doctors appointment in Jefferson City so a good excuse to take off and go shopping. I was pretty proud of myself I didn't buy any clothes at all. I did purchase a pair of sandals at Target since my flip flops were starting to put a blister between my toes and managed to find a shower curtain so one small check off my list we need to buy. We ate at El Jimador for lunch. Usually I'm not a huge fan of that place but I really liked it this time. I had the chicken tostada lunch special, it was delish! Before heading home we checked out some furniture stores and still no luck. Seems like everything is the same; either too masculine looking, too girly or just poor quality. Mike and I plain to look later this week or next week, wish us luck! At least we have a rug to sit on! ;)

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  1. Good luck in your hunt for furniture! At least you have the rug to sit on incase you can't find anything by then lol.
    Wow shopping and no clothes purchase I am not sure I could have refrained.


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