Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

- Ready for fall to get here. This hot weather we've been having has been a drag.
- My birthday is about a month away! :o)
- Looking forward to the hot rod pull this weekend in St. Anthony.
- Starting next month I will be bowling in a coed league in St. Elizabeth. Not so sure about this since I've only bowled 3 times my whole life. So we shall see...
- My Brazilian Blowout is gone for good! But with that said my hair still isn't near as frizzy as it used to be.
- Loving my grapefruit facial wash, works great!
- Thinking about purchasing a cheap/gas saver car, know of any?
- Looking forward to next Monday. A day off shopping with mom!
- And less than 3 months and we will be moved into our house! ;)

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