Friday, August 13, 2010

House Purchase

So much for a living room set first. So far Mike and I have had no luck in finding anything even close to what we like. So for now it looks like we will be sitting on the floor! :o)

Last night I went to Lowe's with mom and bought a bath rug for $14.95, looks way more expensive and is so soft, its off white with tan squares. After browsing around I found an area rug (shown in the picture) I really liked. So looks like our first big purchase may be a rug and a television this weekend. Me personally I don't think we need two TV's but Mike insists that we do, especially when football starts back up and with Nascar. So he may have a point there. May have to talk him out of it or at least for the time being until we for sure get everything we absolutely need. Not like a rug is something we need, but my toes are saying otherwise come this winter! ;) Plus it's not too expensive compared to most rugs you find. With this being said, looks like we will be painting the living room an ivory or a light tan and accent it with blue, sage and brown colors. I like the red that is currently in there but not crazy about it. I'm sure it is because my mom's living room was that same color for years. Now it is blue and looks so much better than before. I guess my grandma was right, the red walls was making the walls close in on you and in her exact words, "It's God awful"! I think the lighter walls will brighten the house up so that is a plus.


  1. Love the rug! I agree with your Grandma- light walls would look great!

  2. Light colored walls always make a room seem bigger...good decision!

  3. Paul's furniture in St. Robert has a huge furniture selection!


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