Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Blake

This weekend is Blake's 5th birthday. Hard to believe little Blake who I used to watch when I was laid off from work is now turning 5 and going to Kindergarten this fall. I can remember his first day at my house, I thought to myself what am I getting into. He was so heart broken, didn't know me or my family and cried just about all day for his mommy. Literally to the point it just about made him sick. He would sit by the window sobbing and crying out for his mommy. Poor little guy was so scared. Luckily for me dad had knee surgery and was home as well for a couple of weeks. In this time frame he helped me to break his shell and to like the idea of coming to April's house. Now Blake and his family feels like part of our family. We are very close to them and Blake along with his baby brother Nathan feel like nephews to me. We love them very much and feel like little kids getting anxious for the next time we get to see them. So for now they are my nephews on the "loan", as mom and dad always say its their grandkids on the "loan". They will always hold a special place with us.

Blake is a fun kid who loves to help farm, drive the tractor (literally knows what each lever is for), swimming, to be outside and most importantly be the greatest big brother. Happy 5th birthday to Blake Allen!

His birthday invites I made for him.

Blake holding a baby turkey at Mike's uncles.

Blake and I at the Rolla Carnival last year. 2009

Blake, his baby brother Nathan and I.


  1. I must be sappy today because your post almost made me cry. We all feel like an extended part of your family as well. It sure didn't take Blake long to warm up to you! I can't believe he will be 5 Saturday two days from now!
    Great post..

  2. You are so talented! I love the invites you made!

  3. Thanks Malinda. I can't take all the credit, I found an invite on google similar to this one so I just recreated it in my own way.

  4. I might have to copy off of your invites for Tyler's 1st Birthday -- OR better yet, hire you to make them for me!! You are SO creative, April!!


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