Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

Mike and I just stayed at my house getting everything ready and packed for the weekend trip to Springfield.

We woke up early to head for Mike's bowling tournament in Springfield. Met the majority of his team at Applebee's in Lebanon to eat lunch. My food was okay, I've been wanting to try the new Knife & Fork Grilled Sirloin Sandwich. I don't know if I just got an off day or what, it wasn't very good at all. I'll just stick to what I know I like from their menu from now on. After we ate we headed straight to the bowling alley in Springfield since it started at 1:30. It was very packed with teams from all over Missouri and some teams from nearby states. We had a good time but I was very ready to leave after watching them play till 5:30. A few of us, Mike, Aaron and his wife Andrea, Pickle and I ate at the Olive Garden. Our food was very good! After we finished eating we started to head back to the hotel and realized we were almost in an accident. I heard a crushing sound from behind us, it sounded like ice hitting Aaron's toolbox. I knew it couldn't be ice obviously, the van that was to the side of us decided to switch over two lanes behind us and side swiped the car next to us pretty good. Thank goodness it wasn't us and no one was hurt that was involved in the accident. Later in the evening we headed to Midnight Rodeo which was across the street from our hotel. It was okay, not a bar or place we all fit in but we made the most of it and enjoyed watching some of them ride the bull. It was quite comical!

We headed back to St. Elizabeth since we had Kylie's birthday party to attend. I can't believe she is already two! She has really grown the this past fall and winter. We had got her a pink John Deere shirt and a book with her picture on it. She loved seeing herself on the book. I had forgot to take a picture of the book, but to the right is a sample picture. I purchased it from

After the birthday party we washed my car and headed back to my house. Kenny and Shelley came down with baby Nathan to work on their house plans with my dad. I had fell asleep, I guess the weekend finally caught up with me and the time change had a little to do with it.

Note: I posted a picture of Adrian in the post below. I wasn't able to find the poem, but I may add one anyway even though it's not the poem read at their funeral


  1. That picture of Kylie is so cute!
    Looks like a mischievous grin on her face.

  2. That book is a cute idea!!


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