Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday after work I headed to Mike's house to eat some fish and we played the Wii

Saturday Mike and I spent most of the day by going to look at the river, riding the 4-wheeler and hitting a few golf balls in their field. That afternoon we got a call to bring some water to a neighbor's field where they were burning their fields off and it got away from them. By the time we got there the fire had mostly died down. That evening we headed back to my house to get cleaned up to run into town to buy a few groceries. 

Sunday we headed back to St. Elizabeth to meet Mike's uncle at his grandma's before going to church. It's kind of a tradition or routine for Mike and his brother Steven to always go to their grandma's house before church. After church we (Mike, Steven and I) had to get a heifer who was about to have her calf in the pin so they could keep closer eye on her. Well I didn't really helped just watched and helped keep the gate closed. Later we headed back to my house so Mike could watch the race while I cleaned and took a nap. Mom had fixed roast, carrots, corn , potatoes and gravy with lemon cake and frozen peaches for dessert.

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