Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bandana's Restaurant

Bandana's BBQ Restaurant is coming to Rolla where the Feedlot Restaurant used to be at along I-44 and formerly known as Ground Round. Their license was just granted Monday so it will take awhile for the restaurant to be running. I think it's a great location for one. Nice to see something going into that building, it's been abandoned for a couple of years and was built in 2002. Was a waste to just sit there!


  1. Thats neat! I wonder if Kindra will transfer to this one?

    -Rolla totally needs a Target...or...kohls... LOL

  2. lol Mom had asked me the same thing about Kindra. It would be a good opportunity for her, I know they are looking for a manager's position already.

    I totally agree on a Target or Kohls in Rolla! There was talk a couple of years ago of a Target, but no such luck yet!!

  3. Yeah it would be a good one for her. Isnt she a manager at the Jeff one?! idk...lol

    Dang, maybe one day that will happen. You would think with Missouri S/T there would be more shopping places....

  4. I think she is a shift manager, but I'm not sure on that!


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