Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving / Weekend Recap

On Thanksgiving we went to my grandma and grandpa Feeler's around noon. Mom had fixed a carmel pecan apple pie, it was very good even though the apples weren't all the way done. Todd was a little shocked with "mom" making a pie, since she never makes pies. Later that evening Mike and I headed to his aunt and uncles house for their Thanksgiving.

On Black Friday, mom and I headed into town around noon to do a little shopping. We ate at Los Cazadores. The food was awful, neither one of us could finish our food. I don't know if we are just used to La Posada's food/salsa or we went there on an off day. Definitely don't plan to go back there again. That evening I headed to St. Elizabeth so Mike and I could go to a house warming party. The house was beautiful with a finished basement where we played pitch the rest of the night.

Saturday I headed home to get some rest since I wasn't feeling the greatest. Felt better after a much needed nap so I decided to go ahead and go out that night. St. Elizabeth had a mini festival going on after Saturday's Mass with a horse carriage ride, wine, food, music, a live nativity scene and the local craft store was open.

I've been fighting this cold/sinus crap for two weeks and Sunday morning I woke up with the cold! Didn't really have much time to think about it. I wanted to make my pumpkin pie and get my basement clean since we were having the Elrod's Thanksgiving at our house that evening. We had a good dinner and mom made yet another pie, cherry. It was very good, I think she surprised herself in making pies the past week!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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