Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

Christmas Eve
Had the day off and decided to take full advantage to sleep in since I rarely get to do that anymore. Mike and I decided to be lazy until is was time for my grandma and grandpa Feeler's Christmas. To kill some time we watched the Hangover and an oldie, Home Alone. Hangover was very funny and a movie even my mom liked, which those type of movies usually aren't her thing!

This year our Feeler Christmas was quite small of about 20 of us considering there is 5 kids, 13 grandkids and 16 great grandkids (and yes I did just have to recount that, still not sure if I got everyone). Which is not including their husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends! Whether our gatherings are too big or small we always manage to make the most of it! After grandma's we headed back to mom and dad's house to have our immediate family Christmas. Made for a long evening, but well worth it! Here is a few pictures from Christmas Eve. I was disappointed in myself this is the only pictures I have from Christmas!

Mike with his corn picker John Deere tractor from Mom & Dad

Sipping on strawberry wine.

Christmas Day
Mike and I woke up early to go to his church for their Christmas Mass. Afterwards his mom fixed pancakes, eggs and bacon. Just ended up being his mom, dad, Steve, Mike and I there to eat. Once again to kill some time until his grandma's Christmas I caught up on my facebook, watched Bad Santa and slept for about 2 hours. Life is just so rough! :o)

Once everyone arrived at Mike's grandmas, we had supper which consisted of smoked sausage, turkey, cheesy potatoes, mashed potatoes and corn. Had a good time visited and exchanging gifts. Afterwards we went back to Mike's house for his immediate family Christmas to open up presents. We spent the rest of the evening bowling on the Wii they got for Christmas.

I headed back home to get ready for my Aunt Judy's Christmas while Mike had to help move their cows. Had a nice dinner and visit. Played "Elephant Christmas" with exchanging gifts, it was very entertaining as presents were being passed/stole back and forth. Afterwards Mom, Dad and I watched Bride Wars I got as a gift from Todd. Later that evening I went back to St. Elizabeth to meet up with Mike since I had his truck and to head to his neighbor's house to play cards. After we were done the night was still early so we all headed back to Mike's house to play the Wii.

Mike and I headed back early so I could help get the house ready for our Elrod Christmas since both Dad and Chad were sick with the flu. Even though it wasn't actually Christmas on Sunday it felt like it since it was snowing. Played liver pool rummy after we ate and the little ones open their gifts. For anyone who knows how to play liver pool the last hand LASTS forever since you can't lay down without discarding. Usually we barely end up using the third deck but this time we had to break out a forth deck. Mom, Mike and Andy decided to play Skip-Bo afterwards so I decided to "skip out" and clean the kitchen up for mom since I knew she would be going to see my grandpa in the hospital that evening. He is also sick with the flu and may have to have surgery since he was having problems with his bowel.

I am blessed to have such a close family to spend Christmas with each year. We may not always be able to get together all at once, but we make due and cherish each moment spent. I am very grateful to have my grandparents still alive on my mom's side and able to have Christmas each year at their house. Hope everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas!!


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy but good weekend! Mike better watch Blake he may try taking his John Deere corn picker :)

  2. Good pictures. I noticed you have a good shot of Todd in the identical shirt I bought for him.

  3. lol I didn't even notice that, well at least you know he likes the shirt!!


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