Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a little hectic. Saturday Mike's slow pitch team played in a tournament at Folk. Their winnings was 3 to 1 so they qualified for the championship game which was to start at 10:45 that night. To kill some time before the big game we headed to St. Anthony for their Truck & Tractor Pull. I love to hear the whistle coming from the tractors as they rev it up and head down the track. Towards the end of it was a little more up close and personal than I would of liked. The sled or whatever you call it that they pull had to use the kill switch on one of the tractors because it was way off course and heading right where I was sitting. Overall it was a good tractor pull and I was able to visit with my friend, Lindsay who I rarely get to see due to our busy lives. It was nice to catch up on things! We headed back to the tournament at about 10:30.... well they were WAY OFF schedule. We ended up sitting there until their game started which was 2:30 in the morning!!! It made for a very long night. They ended up losing 18 to 17, I think they would've won it if they weren't all tired and cold. I couldn't believe how cold it was in AUGUST!! It got down to 55 degrees... thankfully I remembered to bring a sweat shirt and Mike had a blanket in his truck.

Sunday was definitely a DAY OF REST. Sleeping in felt really good after getting home at 4:30 that morning. After I woke up I cleaned my house and did laundry while Mike watched the races. I think this is becoming our typical Sunday afternoon. lol That evening Dad barbecued pork steaks for dinner. To join us for our amazing feast was my grandma and grandpa Feeler, aunt Kaye, Todd, Mike and of course mom and dad. I always like sitting at the dinner table after a meal and just reminiscing about our lives while eating homemade cinnamon rolls. :)

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